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Rose Rosetta disease



I live in Dorset and was unlucky enough to get this in my garden. I have been in Cardiff the past few days and noticed that they also have it in Roath Park rose garden. I was able to speak to the gardeners they thought it was the result of spraying. I have been advised by the local nursery to dig out and destroy all affected plants. Please warn others of this horrible disease.



  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,570

    I thought at first it was robins gall, caused by a wasp. However I think it looks more like weedkiller damage. Have you mulched with stable manure?

    some of it is contaminated with a weed killer that causes these distortions. 

    If it is either of these two, it is temporary and you do not need to dig up the rose. 

    Prune out all affected parts and burn, next year the rose is likely to be OK. Use a rose feed in Spring.

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