I've bought a Kangeroo Paws plant- but know nothing about them,for outside?

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I have bought a Kangaroo Paws plant  other than knowing it is an Australian plant I  know nothing else. Can I grow this outside and will it survive the winter . I'm guessing not. Can anyone help please? Thanks in advance.


  • There are lots of different sized Kangaroo Paws. While the original species were usually big tough things standing up to sun and heat there has been a lot of work done breeding smaller very attractively flowered plants for the garden. If this is what you have then pot cultivation should be relatively easy. I don't think they would survive outside in the UK winter but many do tolerate quite cold winters in South Eastern Australia. The thing I notice most about them here is that after flowering the leaves can look discoloured and scrappy. I don't know if this is a disease or a seasonal variation. A serious haircut will usually bring fresh attractive leaves back. They like very good drainage and a Australian Native Plant fertilizer would be very important. Osmacote are a reputable brand and you might be able to find the ingredients of their Native blend online. Generally low phosphorus and low nitrogen are important. 

    There are people here who prune their well established big plants with a lawnmower!

    Good luck. 

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    A BIG  THANK YOU to both  friends above, I have  a sandy peaty soil so this should suit my plant   I cannot imagine it should ever be big enough for a lawnmower prune, but one can live in hope!

               You have both given me lots of good information , I will now scour the internet for appropiate food.

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