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Slimy Fungus on gravel



  • I've used Roundup (or its cheaper alternatives) for a couple of decades or so and in that time we've moved house several times.  However, it's only in our present house that I've ever come across this awful  Cyanobacteria 'Nostoc Commune'.  This is also the only house we've lived in which stands on a solid clay site and has certain drainage problems.  I have wondered if this slime is attracted to ground which produces poor drainage?   It certainly likes a humid location and is all over our two acre site  -  in almost every flower bed (with the exception of those which are sloping and offering good drainage), the complete length of the drive (flattish) and even occasionally on the flatter areas of grass.

    Personally, I'd rule out Roundup as I've used it extensively in other locations without ever seeing Nostoc but all those other houses were on hills or sloping ground and never had drainage problems.  That being said, I'm still desperate for a way to destroy this pervasive pest.   Are there no agricultural chemists out there?


  • Well today i  have sprayed it with soda bicarb dissolved in water  from the garden sprayer  . Used about a kilo dissolved in 12 liters of water . Wont be back up at the culprit driveway for a few weeks . will post on result when i can.

  • Well, I've tried the agricultural chemists and today I've had a response from two of the leading agro-chemical organisations regarding Cyanobacteria Nostoc Commune.  

    Monsanto could offer nothing helpful and Bayer agreed with my gut-diagnosis that it is entirely due to poor drainage and Ph.  Because it's a bacterium they say it's not treatable with anything and they suggested that soil improvement is the only way to deal with it.

    I shall, nevertheless, be interested to hear how sodium bicarbonate works.  At least my drive might be treatable even if grass and flowerbeds would still be a problem.


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    I  have had some success with Pond Clear , its a solution for clearing fountains of algae , seems to work on my drive way , cleared the algae last year.

  • Was up  at  the property yesterday. Drive dry , that nostic stuff dry and crispy. Hasn'tseemed to have spreed. will have to try to rake or pick up the stuff and see how and if it returns.  That pond clear sounds interesting . Maybe a pool algeside from the pool shop will also be an idea. anyway cant yet say if the soda bicarb has worked .

  • As this is not an algae but a bacterium, I'm not sure why its thought that anti-algae treatment will destroy it.  Nostoc goes black & shrivels in dry weather and it's easy to think that it's finished but it expands and turns green/brown very quickly after a few hours rain.   Sadly, it seems that improving the ground drainage is the only effective answer and that's going to take a lot of effort and money!

  • Yep  a few days of rain and it is all over the place . bicarb hasn't seemed to stop it .

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    image Sorry to hear that Peter - but thanks for the update.

    Good luck image

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  • I'm in Washington state ,and have been using a weed killer like Roundup for several years ,and I did not have it until then and I have lived here for 60 years .scraped it up last year and it has doubled in size this year .

  • yep really, bad now the winter rain has started . ANYONE found a "solution" out there ?

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