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Lollipop Bay Tree Size

Hi all,

I inherited a lollipop style Bay Tree in a pot about 5 years ago, but I would now like to move it into open ground in the garden.

Apologies if this is a daft question - but if I trim the new growth every year will it be easy to keep the tree at about this same height?

I have read that Bay trees can grow up to 20m - although I'm not sure if this applies only to 'normal' Bay trees (is growth restricted once they're lollipopped?) I wouldn't want it to shoot up and outgrow the space after freeing the roots...

Any advice gratefully received.





  • Forgot the say - it is currently about 4 feet tall...

  • They are harder to keep under control when planted in the open ground - they will also throw up suckers.   If you want it planted in the ground perhaps it would be better to sink a pot into the ground or plant it in a root control bag

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  • Thanks Dove - I'll rethink my plans...

    Just out of interest - would such a Bay tree grow to the 20m height if left unchecked in open ground, or are the lollipop ones you buy usually grafted onto something that would limit their growth?

    Thanks again,


  • No, they're not grafted.  When we moved here we inherited a bay tree which was obviously an ex-lollipop which had been liberated image  It was growing upwards and outwards at a rate of knots, rivalling the large ash trees at the end of the garden.  We had to get our builder to dig it out! 

    We have a lollipop bay in a large pot on our terrace - I grew it from a cutting and I'm inordinately proud of it image

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

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    Morning all ,when we moved last year we inherited a bay tree 7 foot high  planted literaly against the house wall,imagine, that was the first to go also a 10 foot Magnolia  planted along side thats also gone to our neighbor nice tree now, ,strange things people do ? on the net there is a site giving height and root distances for planting    

    suns up at last ierin Norfolk , avagooden         

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    By the way Dove have you any sizes or prices on the root bags yet,iv got to get some soon,wondered if Reeds were doing a good price for them.

  • Reads prices seem reasonable (they're on the site).

    These are roughly the same but they have a wider range of sizes

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    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

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    got that cheers Dove ,legs a problem,iv been reading on line , some horror stories,it seems to be very very different for people having the same op,some good some not so ,good, im following all the advice given which is very minimal one sheet of paper 6" x 4" ,on line it seems some people get home or clinic Physio,but  nothing has been mentioned or  offered me ,i do feel just kind of let down ,no reel help in how to do the best exercises or maybe how far to walk or maybe swim, just nothing really, I think if i were an older person i would be really afraid of what to do or not do,it must be horrible for them if there on there own, its sad how a good operation is let down so badly by lack of thought on the release side of hospitals, right thats my moan for the day ,im not going to mention trying to sleep ,thats another story.        and thankyou for asking ,cheers Dove  

  • Dicemanc.. I have in my garden a bay lollipot style 4 foot tall plant. I keep the shape by trimming whatever is not in keeping with the shape. No suckers in site. I feed it once a year and 'talk' to it whenever I pass it!!

  • Thanks all.

    It's interesting that you're managing to keep it in check Fluffy Cloud - is that just an annual trim or does it take a lot to keep on top of it? 

    I'm tempted to plant it out and keep a close eye on it for a couple of years. The area I have in mind is away from the house and quite bare at the moment - so it wouldn't be a disaster if I needed to pull it up again in a couple of years.



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