How to move raspberry canes?

We have created a new fruit cage at the weekend and plan to move the 15 raspberry canes ( all this years growth - i.e. not bearing fruit this season) into this new cage which is about 1.5 metres away from their current position. Will I get away with just digging them up and transplanting them immediately into the newly prepared bed, hoping they will friut next year.  Or do you think it would be necessary to plant them and cut them back to about 12 inches high as I have read about, foregoing next years fruit but getting better roots established.  I'd welcome any expereinced information, thanks


  • Thanks very much, I hadn't considered waiting until they are dormant, that makes alot of sense. However, we have the opportunity to redesign the garden over the next month and want to make a veg bed where the raspberries currently are. Yes they are summer fruiting!

  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,647

    I'd wait till Spring, till after the last frost. As above, you have to get the root ball. That's the only challenge.

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