help find a fig tree

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can anyone tell me what is the best kind of fig tree to buy for a wettish ,mild climate here in west Wales,i find the garden centers tend to not know much about them , my ex neighbour in Nottingham had a cracker full of fruit but,is no longer there, anybody got a name of a good one i can try and find any hints on looking after it when i do get one   hopefully cheers 


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    You could try googling it.  This site looks useful

    I use to have a Brown Turkey fig that did very well but it was in a pot in full sun and in Hampshire so not sure how it whether it would be good in Wales.


  • Alan4711Alan4711 Posts: 1,569

    nice one many thanks for that folks Turkey it is then ,,hope its sunnyimage

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    4711, have you been to Farmyard Nursery in Llandysul?  No shortage of good advice there.  I like the fact you said the climate was wet - ISH in West Wales. That amused me! 

     I had an excellent Brown Turkey growing against a west-facing wall here in West Wales.

    I suggest you get your hands on a RHS fruit book.  There are quite a lot of things that have to be done for a fig tree.  Pinching out shoots, removing dead figlets,feeding, etc.

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    welshonion u got to remember im a northener from the midlands and since iv been here the suns been doing a miners, so  wet it is then so far, but what a lovely place and im amazed at how friendly people are here in Tenby, so all your advice im going to follow  many thanks and good luck

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    You should be fine in sunny Tenby.  I'm a bit north of you overlooking the Preselis. The extra altitude makes a difference.

    Farmyard Nurseries have a website and I think they are outside M&S in Carmarthen on a Wednesday.

    They are well worth a trip up to Llandysul at the weekend, perhaps.

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