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I was a chef before retiring and kept a record of my most popular dishes. This is a recipe for an ever popular cheesecake-12 portions- which can be topped with fresh fruit or currants [thickened with a little corn flour if you wish.]

*28oz Philadelphia cheese [not light] *20fl oz double cream. *Finley grated zest +juice of one lemon. *One heaped teaspoon powdered ginger. *12oz caster sugar. *4 sheets of cold water soaked gelatine. *12oz digestive biscuits. *3oz melted butter. *12 inch Springform tin.

*Turn the biscuits into crumbs. *Mix with melted butter then line the bottom of the springform tin- firm, but do not press down overly hard. *Add the soaked gelatine to four table spoons of hot, boiled [not boiling] water then let cool a little. *Beat together the cream cheese, ginger, sugar, lemon zest and juice until well blended. *In a separate bowl whisk the double cream until thick then fold into the cream cheese mixture. *Add the cooled gelatine and fold in well. *Spoon onto the biscuit base then level the surface. *Cling film then refrigerate overnight. *To remove from tin, heat a knife in hot water then run it around between the tin and the cheesecake.


  • That sounds sooooo good! Cant it be adapted for vegitarians? If it can i will ask mom to make it for me image
  • Bekkie you can get vegitarian type gelatine, my SIL is a long and prosper image

  • Oooo vegan is hard! Ive tried, but get beaten every time, probably dosent help that i dont cook anything that dosent come out of a packet! image

    Thanks for the tip, when i give mom the recipie, i will put veggie gelatine, otherwise she will try to trick me! image
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