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  • Although I am looking forward to the warmer weather I know I will wake up one morning to see around 50 piles of soil on my lawn (ants, red ones). This will be the 4th year, although I have used powder, liquids, and heaven knows what to remove them. Seems worse when it has been raining, I think they must come up for air! Any solution to this problem anyone?
  • Ants everywhere, argggh, I know they are not a pest, merely an irritation, but I have an infestation of them in my compost bin. I have got rid of ants on paths etc, using boiling water, ok ok not very humane but still quite organic, I am, however loathe to use boiling water on them in my compost bin as there are loads of luverly worms doing all sorts of good things to the compost, and I think I may kill them off as well which I don't really want to. Please are there any other humane methods for getting rid of ants and at the same time allowing other "good" creepy crawlies alone. Please help.
  • our front lawn(and borders) has 10-12 red ants nests in it. this is getting very close to the house. any ideas on how to get rid of them?
  • I seem to have ants living in our patio terracotta pots; the ones most affected seem to contain plants that aren't doing so well. Has any one got any ideas how to rid the pots of them?
  • Ants don't cause to much of a problem in my garden. The ones I get are red ants, and I was worried about them at first, until I saw them attacking the caterpillars that seem to destroy some of our plants every year, and pulling them apart. The plants have done much better this year, thanks to the ants. I then read up on ants, and found out that they eat lots of caterpillars and other pests to feed their lavae. I also read that red ants don't encourage aphids, like black ants do and that they also kill any black ants that come into their territory, so they keep the numbers of aphid-encouraging black ants down. The only problem is that they sting, but the easiest way to get read of red ants(if they are nesting under stones) is to turn over the stone and then to leave them for a couple of hours. With luck, the ants will move to somewhere
    where they won't bother you. This will not work on black ants, though, because black ants don't have shallow nests under stones.
  • I have red ants in my front garden. They have created about 15 mounds of earth. I don't know what to do to get rid of them. I have tried boiling water - digging out the dead grass etc and re-seeding, this has not worked. I also read (can't remember where) a male's urine does the trick - tried that and it doesn't!!! in fact it seems to have encouraged them even more!! PLEASE HELP!!!
  • Can anyone help! Ants everywhere! In the garden, in the kitchen and now in the lounge, crawling all over the dining table and carpets. I make sure there's nothing for them to eat but they keep coming. I blocked the hole in the kitchen which worked but don't know how they get into the lounge. Vac'ing them up only works for a matter of minutes, more just follow. Any really effective remedies? The stuff from the shops doesn't affect them at all! Help!
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  • Whist have never liked killing any living creature, insect or otherwise, recently I have had to take drastic measures! Underneath my step to my new patio I seemed to acquire a mass of ants and unfortunately I had to do something about it as they were even crawling on my dog and cat as they lazed around in the sun.
  • Last year my compost bin had an ants nest in it. While there is no sign of them now I wonder if it will be O K to put the compost on my raised veg patch.

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