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Talkback: Ant attack

I had never given ants much thought until twenty minutes ago but I not only have them in my compost bin, they're now in my greenhouse. Help how do I get rid of them?
P.s. Im not a killer I usualy pick up spiders and put them outside whilst others scream.


  • Ditto Ditto!! Re: Ant attack. We are swarmed this year, and aswell as everything has a purpose in life I feel we are certainly out numbered and ants in multiples do prove to be an irritating, itchy, biting nuisance this year.
  • The ants in our garden are beyond a joke now. They are everywhere. Under paving slabs, in containers, in the rockery,in every hole I dig and under any spot on the lawn anyone wants to sit on! I've tried boiling water, sprays and powders but nothing seems to make much difference. They're fascinating but it's not funny any more. Does anyone know the relationship betwee the ants and the very small off-white moths that come out of the nests just as the ants start to swarm? I've wondered for years.
  • Ants! I can live with them in the garden, but I've drawn the line when they invade our kitchen. Everywhere was covered with them trying to use their newly formed wings. Ugh! The vacuum cleaner was the only answer but we couldn't find how they had got in. A few days later the same happened again but this time we were there to watch the invasion. They were coming through a ventilation grille in the utility room next to the kitchen. Out came the vac again. We're now on permanent ant alert and the "vac method" does seem to work (inside the house).
  • We own and run a Hardy Cyclamen nursery and have had ant problems for years. They are attracted to the sweet covering of the ripening seeds and walk off with them unless we get there first. We use RAID Ant & Cockroach Killer (natural pyrethrum) which locally clears the ants rapidly. As a bonus we now don't have Vine Weevil!! It clears them also.
  • My garden is mostly organic/wildlife but yes the ants seem to be takeing overthis year.
    They have inhabited my compost bins so i will have to wait till winter to see if i can rescue any compost. They will enter the home through any small hole crack or ventilation shaft. I bought some user friendly traps for the house as the pup seems to think everything on the floor is his. Happy hunting!
  • For some reason, possibly from a childhood memory I expect, I am terrified of flying ants. So this year I have been not just attacked by black ones ,but red flying ants too. My neighbours thing I'm in deep mourning as I seem to be swathed in a veils. Why do we have so many this year?? I'm In Surrey
  • Tina, your 'moths' are probably the flight of the young females and males leaving the nest to look for new nesting sites. They lose the wings after a couple of days.
  • Just like to say to all so far ,Be grateful they are the size they are and not mouse or rat size ,then we would all have a real problem!!
  • Have a bank of clay (substitute for soil!) in my garden and nearly all the plants I put in last autumn have been eaten. I'm sure this is because of all the ants nesting on the bank. It's impossible to dig as the incline is so steep. Any suggestions to get rid of these killing ants (or could the plants be being destroyed by something else?)
  • After building my first raised bed in an effort to grow some veg this year I have just noticed that within 3 weeks the new top soil is covered in ants.
    Will they eat my germinating seeds and young plants? Is there a pesticide to kill the ants that is safe to use on edible vegetables? Please help?!
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