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Ohnivec chilli

Mel MMel M Posts: 347



This is a photo of one of my Ohnivec (Czech Republic) chillis - Real Seeds. They are so easy to grow, just treat them like tomatoes and off they go. Nice, tidy upright plant as well only about three or so foot tall. They grow to around a foot long and two inches thick and some of mine are approaching that, although some are smaller but not much. definitely on my list for next year.


  • They look fab, how hot are they?

  • Mel MMel M Posts: 347

    Hi Fleurisa.

    Very hot. I have already made sweet chilli sauce and tomato salsa and they have a nice lingering tang, even though I only used a small amount. Carribean salsa next - the real 'don't leave the spoon in it' job!

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