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Hi can anyone give a novice gardener some advice please.I have done really well with my sweetpeas. Its the first time i have grown them,they have grown really tall and ive had lots of beautifull fragrant flowers . but now the bottom leaves have gone yellow and the plant dos,nt look very attractive i also have some pods forming.They were grown in a large pot.Is it now time to discard the plant ? The seed packet said they bloom from june to august. i have cut the last of the flowers, there are a few more forming but not many.


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    It does sound as if they've done their bit. You might want to leave them a bit longer to let the seeds ripen, so you can sow them for next year, but the plants will look a bit scruffy.
  • LeggiLeggi Posts: 489

    I seem to remember there being a sweet pea expert round here so I'm sure he'll offer you some good advice.

    It seeems a bit too early for them to have done their bit, especially as how late everything is this year because of the weather. Take the pods off if you want the plants to continue to flower (you can leave a couple it you want to grow your own seeds for autumn/spring, as said above).

    I'd give the plants a feed make sure they are kept well watered and take the yellow leaves off, you should then get a lot more flowers.

  • i don't have any advice on the above problem, but could any one advise me on my sweetpeas, just overnight they have all gone mouldy and the flowers have gone all limp they are in the ground and well watered

  • what do I with the pods that I've taken from my daughter's garden - do i pod them, leave them somewhere cool??

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    Just enjoy the last few and when they are all gone compost the plant. It is a good idea to cut the flowers once a week to stop pods forming as it takes energy away from producing flowers. I'm really pleased with mine this year too! I've never tried growing from seed from one of mine but always buy new as I'm not sure if they will come true to the original seeds.
  • LeggiLeggi Posts: 489
    Michele Hockley wrote (see)

    what do I with the pods that I've taken from my daughter's garden - do i pod them, leave them somewhere cool??

    Leave them somewhere warm and dry til they dry out, hopefully after a few weeks you'll have nice plump dry pea like seeds. You can plant these in October to over winter, or save until Spring. It's probably best to ask David what he suggests with saving seeds and sowing on the thread below though.


  • Thankyou but do i leave the seeds in the pods to dry

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