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miniature narcissie in pots

I have just bought 12 bulbs and some bulb planting mixture.   Now what do I do?    What size pots, keep them in the dark or outside etc


  • Pot them Jennifer, 8-12 inch pot 3 times their depth down and they will be fine outside.

  • Unless they are specially treated ones for forcing inside I would just plant them and keep them outside. I just used whatever size pot they fit into. You could plant winter pansies or viola on top of them and the bulbs will just grow through. If you just put bulbs on their own I'd cover the soil with grit or gravel. If squirrels are a problem, cover with chicken wire until they are growing well

  • Thanks both.   Fleurisa that's a good idea, I bought some pansies too, so that will fit very nicely.  Will the pansies go in the bulb mixture, or should I top with compost. 

    Now what about the cyclamen?   

  • You can plant both in the bulb mixture, they'll all do well together.

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