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Help - I need to move frogs

Can anyone make any suggestions?  I need to clear a bank, approx 7 metres long and 4 metres wide that is covered in weeds and Bergenia, in order to put in sleepers at the lower level and to infill to obtain a level surface to half deck and half make into flower bed.  However the bank as it stands is full of frogs.  I know this as when sat out on the path by the bank we can often hear them croaking away.  My problem is if I take them from the bank as I clear it and put them in another part of the garden (have a wildlife area and pond) I assume they will make their way back to the bank.  This job will take some time as I work full time and am 'not as young as I was', but I don't want any getting hurt or even trapped inside when the timbers are put in and soil and hardcore put in to fill the void.  Any ideas would be gratefully received.


  • Firstly, its lovely to hear someone is actually bothered about the lives of other beings! image

    I think its gonna be a case of making it as bare as possible for a while so it becomes less attractive to them, can you make a home for them elsewhere that they will feel is a safer option? I have similar problems in my garden, but i have to say, for the most part, they seem to get out of the way image
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    Yes, I think Bekkie's right - make somewhere else more attractive to them.   Piles of dead leaves, log piles, upturned broken pots in a quiet corner, then start making their current home less 'homely'.  They'll move image

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