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Hi There,

Does anyone have a template for a small seed packet? I've googled it but can only find templates where the side folds over to form the back - I would prefer one where the bottom folds up to form the back. I have found one of these but it was not possible to change it to my own design.

Any help would be appreciated thanks.



  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,115

    I don't understand the problem.

    In Word draw a text box or whatever you want.  A little tool bar will appear with change the direction of text on it, click on it and the text will run in another direction.

    There are several ways of doing it without a template.  You could do two of your seed packets to a page, side by side and just cut them down the middle after printing.

    It doesn't sound as though you have Publisher, but it is not a difficult problem, just look for a template for a folded card, if you find using a template easier.

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    I use Publisher regularly and have now used it to modify a template from the internet. I did not want just a box but a seed packet similar to the commercial ones - to give seed to family and friends. I've tried to upload the template but can't get it in a form suitable for uploading. I can change the size of the packet, put the name of the seeds, any growing info and I've put a photo of the plant growing in my garden - so, problem solved. Thanks for the comment.

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    Sorry Kathy, I thought you just wanted a simple folded insert you could put in a small zip-lock plastic bag, which could of course include all the things you wanted to put on it.

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    Thanks Welshonion. I know I can get the tiny sealable plastic bags but I thought you were supposed to use paper or card -  in case the seed is not totally dry. I made up the packets this afternoon and and split the aquilegia seed between them - they don't look too bad. Tomorrow I'm going to see if the marigolds are seeding. How can I upload a Publisher / Word file which contains a photo?

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    Paranoid! It's only a blog page with very good ideas and they are not selling anything! The cards are for printing out, if you've got a colour printer then so much the better!

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    No problem teg, sometimes it pays to look before you leap!image

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