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Hi all, can anyone advise me on useing wood ash, i have a few buckets of good quality ash and the coming year for the allotment is just  the basic vegetables, i know not to use it on shrubs  but are there any common veg that dont like it im growing spuds,peas,beans,colly,onions,(rhubarb),raddish parsnips etc,any help please,do i dig it in or just top it , good luck



  • Hi, wood ash contains just a small amount of potash, but not as much as is often attributed to it and is only about one twelfth as valuable as sulphate of potash. Having said that and to answer your question, it is best applied at at 1/2lb per sq yd on open ground.

    Potash aids the development of fruit & flowers.


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 58,857

    The best wood ash for gardens is obtain from burning twiggy stuff, such as from a garden bonfire or a bonfire to burn up the bits and pieces left after an overgrown hedge has been sorted out.

    A lot of people are hopeful that wood ash from wood burners can be used for gardens, but sadly the ash from logs doesn't have as much potash as the ash from twiggy stuff.

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