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Lets hear it for the houseplants.



  • budlia63budlia63 Posts: 141

    Gracie5  Orchids should do well in your bathroom too

  • Jean GenieJean Genie Posts: 1,724

    Lovely pics everyone image Hmmm Orchids, haven't tried them ( yet ) image

    They are beautiful image

  • I have a red bourganvillea flowering on a south-facing window-sill.  

    My monstera quickly outgrows its alloted space.    The leaves are about two feet long.   I have found the solution is to keep chopping off the top, together with an aerial root or two and then potting this up.    Once it has rooted, I decide which half to keep and then give the other one away.   

    Our yucca reached the roof of our conservatory and also got the chop in the spring.    We had to use a saw, and took it down to just about a foot of trunk.   We chopped the cut off bit into seven six-inch lengths, and put each one into a pot.     We did this in February, and by April the original stem has thirteen new shoots and all the little ones had between two and seven shoots.    We have found seven new homes for them!  

  • Gracie5Gracie5 Posts: 125

    I never thought of having an Orchid, they seem widely available so will have a look. I always wanted a Bourganvillea but they are climbers so not sure it would be suitable for my bathroom windowsill, unless I kept it pruned!!

  • Jean GenieJean Genie Posts: 1,724

    Thanks for the tip on the monstera, Gardengirl . I'll bear that in mind if it gets too big image 

    Gracie. How about a zebrina ? They love direct sun but also enjoy high humidity so would do well in a steamy bathroom. They don't have to trail either - you could train it up a hoop or mini-trellis and if it gets a bit out of hand you can snip bits off and make new plants. image

    I have two of these and just love the siver and violet foliage. I think they are also called Wandering sailors. image

  • Gracie5Gracie5 Posts: 125

    I had forgotten about zebrina and had to google to remind myself what it looked like. It was a very popular house plant in the seventies and I used to have a couple of them. Also known as Wandering jew, its a thought but might remind me too much of the seventies. I wonder if a Viola would work as a short term flowering plant for indoors!!


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