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slugs and flour

Hi ,last week i tried the flour and water slug traps along with a sugar one the same way,,, results sugar trap 4,,,, flour trap first 3 days 20 last 4 days 32 all  mixed  sizes i also had an old shed door lieing flat on a bed im getting ready for next year i lifted it after 10 days and counted around 230 mixed size slugs which of coursd i disposed of, i have replaced the door and placed also 2 pieces of old board about a foot square flat in another bed to see how many i get next week,if this works it will be easier so far than  other things iv tried,i  do raelise  the slugs move around at night but if they return to the door or boards i might be on a winner i,ll give a count next week,image cheers


  • I'm glad the flour worked for you. I'm happy with the numbers I'm getting in my pots as well, but I've put some boards down in spare places after seeing your number count. I've noticed a few small brown frogs in the borders this last week and I think that's helping keep the numbers down. Also when the dog goes out for his bedtime wee, I go out with the torch collecting snails and slugs from the lawn and patios. Amazed how many I find. Another full bucket for the dustman tomorrow!

  • Just a message for diggingdoris to say thankyou for such a bright idea to eradicate the slugs in my garden.  Just two tablespoons of flour in a bowl of water and hey presto, I have never seen so many slugs each morning.  My husband seems to think perhaps it is the yeast in the flour that they enjoy so much.  Anyway it has certainly saved my runner beans for the time being.  Thanks once again.

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