Pickled Eggs

Hello everyone, I've got a surplus of eggs,lots of them. I've got some pickling vinegar, peppercorns  chilies and bottles. I'm getting conflicting information from the internet.

I was going to hard boil the eggs, let them cool. Put them in the jar, with pickling vinegar, some pepper corns and a chilli and then leave them in the kitchen cupboard.

Some sites say that they need to be kept in the fridge? My fridge isn't big enough for the bottles. Also do I need to warm up the pickling vinegar and ingrediants before adding it to the jar?

Thanks for any adviceimage


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,054

    Hi hollie.

    You need to add the vinegar cold but boil the spices in it first, unless it's spiced vinegar.

    I have never put a pickled anything in the fridge,

    Don't add garlic. The taste is good but it makes them sticky and the eggs break up when you try and get them out of the jar. It might not if you boil the garlic, I chopped it and added it raw

  • Hi nutimage the vinegar is spice flavour, Non Brewed Condiment. 4.5% acidity. I had my doubts about the fridge, I've pickled some beetroot earlier this month and my thinking is that vinegar is the ultimate preservative. So they are just in top shelf in my kitchen cupboard. I suppose I was a bit worried as they are eggs.

    From what you're saying it sounds like I'll be alright to just pour the cold vinegar over the eggs and then just chuck a chilli and some peppercorns in with them.

    Thanks for your tip about the garlic, I did buy some of that as well



  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,054

    Yes, sounds right. People have become bit obsessed with sterilizing and fridges but pickling  preserved things for years before fridges were invented.

  • Great that's what I was thinking, thanksimage

  • GWRSGWRS Posts: 5,108

    Hello , my Dad use to do pickled eggs , he would just use white vinegar or sometimes ordinary vinegar but the brown does colour the eggs 

    he never used spices but why not ! And they where not kept in the Fridge 

    you must have your own chickens , best of luckimage

  • they used to be stuck on a shelf at the back of the bar when i used to go in pubs no fridges there ! thats why they pickeled them in  vinegar enjoy .

    atb Tony

  • I had a pickled egg once, I think they must be an acquired taste image I would love to be able to make them though even if I didn't eat them.......I've got chicken envy LOL imageimage

  • GWRSGWRS Posts: 5,108

    I love pickled eggs Aldi/Lidl have them on specical offer sometimes image

  • Hi GWRS, yes I have 3 lovely hens. Only got them this Spring. So far they lay 3 eggs a day every day. I usually sell any surplus I have but they just built up!

    Found a great pickling jar at a car boot so all 30 went in! With some black pepper and a couple of small chillies. I'm thinking they will take  4-6 weeks to be ready?

    I only tried pickled eggs this year Orchid Lady, they were cheap in Wilkos, I liked them but hoping mine will taste better. Keeping chickens is great fun and relatively easy. The eggs taste so much better than those in the shops image

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