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The Manzanita or Wishing Tree

Please does anyone know where I can buy The Manzanita Tree or more likely to be known as The wishing Tree?  It's native to America but I think I could nurse it through a few Winters to make it resident in a hot south facing garden, if only I could find one to Buy.

Any ideas anyone?



  • Thank you so much for your reply. To be honest I don't mind which Manzanita tree I find, my aim is to plant a specimen tree as a feature Wishing Tree in my new garden.  However if anyone knows of something similar looking which is native to the UK I'd be happy to plant that instead.  It's all about the architecture of the branches apparently.  It has to have a wide spread with the branches having lots of smaller branches on them, I'm not sure what you call this?  Obviously not too tall.  The Wishing Tree is a decorative feature, like an all year Christmas tree, but growing!  I like the idea.



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