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Replacing old lawn with flower border

Hi I'm new to this site please help I fancy getting rid of my old lawn should I rotivate the lawn,dispose of it or dig and turn over. Thanks in advance


  • I'd lift the turf and either stack it to let it rot down or put to one side and as you start to dig the new border bury it a spade depth down grass side down. That way it adds humus to the soil and an instant fertiliser.

  • Hi Rodge image

    Its up to you really, the normal way of dealing with turf is to dig it up in pieces, then stack the pieces grass to grass and just leave to breakdown.

    If you want to incorporate it, you will have to bury it as it some how always sprouts! The best way is probably double digging and lying the turf grass side down in the bottom of each trench. Id probably go for option one, but thats cos im lazy! image
  • Snap Dave! You type much faster than me!image
  • Rodge, How much lawn and would you hire a rotivator? If it is a lot of lawn you can hire a lawn lifter which will slice the top off the lawn which you stack in a corner somewhere grass side down is the way I always did it, it gave me wonderful loam for seed trays a year later. It can be dug in by digging a trench and laying the turf in the base then covering with top soil this is hard work depending on how much grass you are taking up. You could just double dig it in making sure the grass is facing down after all farmers plough it in, problem would be dormant weeds, you would need to keep on top of those for a couple of years.

    Good luck with your border, any new feature will initially be hard work but then you sit back and enjoy your labours.


  • Info great thanks

    I would hire rotivator and lawn is approx30 x 10 foot
  • If it's only 30x10 you can do that in half a day to lift and another day or two to dig. Depends how fit you are and the money you have to waste. I'm tight fisted by the way.

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