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What to do with the Lavender seedlings?

I received my lavender 'plants' from the June issue of 'Gardeners' World' only at the end of July. Great offer but had no idea they would be so tiny - 36 5cm seedlings packed in tiny root containers and a thin, transparent case for posting. It says 'pot on'. I thought from June when I ordered them, I should be able to plant them out in my garden for this year! But do I really have to put each one in a pot and tend it until it is big enough to put in the ground? Will they flower this year?  How to keep them through the winter? - lavender in my experience is quite tender and most of my others died. Would it be better to find an inside space until next year? Oh dear, please help!


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    You will need to pot them to get them to a reasonable size to plant out-3 inch pots will be fine

    They grow fairly quickly but it is probably going to be best to plant them in their final positions in the spring and they will flower next year

    Protect the pots from freezing- that will damage the roots- but the plants themselves are hardy and will be fine for many years in my experience



  • Thank you very much. It wasn't what I expected - these were meant to be for this Summer not next! Now to find space to save them for a whole year!

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