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    UN and other reports show that up to 50% of food production is lost, world wide, to poor harvesting methods, porr storage facilities, poor transport and logistics, over buying in developed countries leading to loads being chucked out and corruption in governments and customs.

    There is plenty of food produced and enough to feed everyone so there needs to be some political and cvil will to sort out the rest.   We can do our bit by buying wisely and not overtsocking our larders with stuff that will be wasted.   Supermarkets could give food that is still edible but past a notional sell by date to food banks and hostels instead of chucking it out.

    Governments across the world need to take steps to enable better harvesting, storage and transport and eliminate corruption and inefficiency.  The developed world has come a long way in food production and transport in the last 200 years.  The rest of the world needs to catch up as soon as possible by learning from our past and taking advantage of new strains, methods and technologies.   They don't all have to be high tech solutions that cost a fortune.


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  • Try Aldi, their fresh stuff last far longer than any of the big supermarkets and keep them at the right temperature when you get home. The big 4 sell fresh stuff that's normally at the point where it has to be eaten within days, that's why they can call it fresh. The fact the consumer want's to keep it a few more days isn't their problem as far as they are concerned, they just want it off the shelf as quickly as possible. Aldi and Lidle have different different buying and selling strategies which is why their stuff lasts longer.

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