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Talkback: Wasp alert

We had a prolific amount of newly emerged queen wasps last year. So much so that it was a worry, to say the least. We keep honey bees and wasps have been known to be a pest, to the bees and their hives, in one way and another. However, being aware that they are extremely efficient hunters of garden pests we just kept an eye on the situation and made ourselves aware of any wasp bikes we could find. Later on in the season, when the wasps start becoming a nuisance, and become aggressive, we tend to become less complacent then and actively seek them out - or should I say they actively seek us out? I am a keen organic gardener and try to plant for a good ecosystem but even the wasps have their day.


  • Thank you for this information. My friends and I had been talking about wasps and what use they might have. I had no idea that they ate garden pests so I shall share this info with said friends and won't view wasps in the negative way that I had before. I thought that there must be a reason for them, as the majority of things have a positive reason for being there.
  • I live in Cornwall & as yet I haven't seen any wasps this year, in fact we have only just seen the first hoverflies & butterflies in any number this last 2-3 weeks. My purple sprouting has done really well so far because of it, but they seem to be out in full force now but still no wasps.
  • I agree with Elaine T. I too live in Cornwall and no wasps my plot either.
  • i am a new gardener and as a mother to three boys i try to be enviromentally friendly, so when we grew our first cabbages last year and the butterflies used them as a nursery, i didn't mind too much as there was enough to share. im not sure that my neighbours felt the same though. i saw for the first time ever a wasp carry off a caterpillar. i couldn't believe my eyes. such a tiny creatcher , he wobbled a bit like a novice pilot but managed, anyway they must like our garden as we have had a few nests being built. they really are lovely and their nests are beautiful.
  • I admit to being scared of wasps for as long as I can remember. Whilst I read that at the beginning of the year they are useful "allies", they are one ally I'm prepared to be without. This year for the first time I had a wasp's nest by a path in my back garden and I had no hesitation in contacting the local council and destroying the nest. I have gardened organically as much as possible but I will always live by a motto "THE ONLY GOOD WASP IS A DEAD WASP!".
  • wow, thats interesting, i always thought of wasps as a pest, we have a couple of bee nests in the garden (well did have) but would have got rid of wasps, not now.
  • We have had a tit box in our garden for a number of years and this has been used to great success in the past. This year, however, the tits have been looking into the box and going away. My husband investigated one day and found an active wasps nest in the roof of the box. We realised this was the reason the box had not been used. It is the most beautiful construction resembling a rose with petals and a hole in the middle. When, at the end of the season, the wasps get `nasty` we plan to cover the hole but not resort to anything chemical incase it puts the tits off next year.
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