Rhubarb in pots.

I have grown for the first time this year rhubarb in a pot (my garden is too small for it to be planted in the soil.  It has grown really well (which I can't believe) I would like to know how I keep it through the winter.  Would putting bubblewrap around the pot help and also do I cut off the stalks and when.  I understand they can't be eaten in the first year.  any help would be appreciated.image



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    I will follow this thread. Didn't even think it was possible to grow in pots?? How big is the pot? I have seeds to sow, and containering it would be a big help. image

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    My rhubarb is in a very large tub (the bottom half of a 40 gallon drum), and it has been in there for about 3 years. We have had some lovely sticks from it but this year it hasn't done so well. We have had a few sticks this year but not like last year. It got through the winter ok, I didn't do anything special to protect it. Some of the leaves on mine have gone a bit yellow, I have been watering it well. So if anyone knows why I would be very greatful. Lavenderlass, I hope yours does ok, like you I didn't have room to put it in the ground. image

  • Hi, Thanks for the replies.  My rhubarb is only in a big plant pot (where do you get at 40 gallon drum from?).  Is there any reason why you are not supposed to eat the sticks in the first year?

    I didn't realise you could grow rhubab from seed.  I do hope it works out ok.  Maybe you could try some in a pot and some in the garden.image

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    Well I was advised not to bother, as it takes ages for them to do anything, but I have the seeds now anyway (20p off ebay image ), so may as well try them. Won't be until next year though.

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    The reason for not pulling the sticks in the first year is that the plant needs some time to build up its strength. Even with an established plant the advice is always to leave three sticks per plant and to stop pulling in July.

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    I have my rhubarb in big pot, baught last year so have been pulling a few sticks this year, grown quite well despite the weather, give it a feed of seaweed extracct once a month and added farmyard manure at planting, having a few crumbles, have to try something different!
  • WE have some rhubarb in the ground, and this year has been terrible. The last few years we were tripping over the rhubarb, but not this year. We have a small orchard with a few trees and don't envisage much fruit this year, I think there was a mild spell which caused a bit of confusion for fruit/plants in general.

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    My Rhubarb is better this year than ever, it's ignored the weather and easily tripled in size from last.

    If yours isn't good I'd think something has been munching on it rather than the problem being the weather.

  • Many thanks for all the replies.  I will leave it where it is over the winter and just give it mulch.  Hopefully it will be alright as I love rhubarb crumble and growing your own is supposed to be better than shop bought.image

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    Have been trying to grow rhubarb for years with no luck, also friend in next village has same probs; this year; hurrah! a plant has finally taken. In the past have planted it in really good soil in the veg bed in 50/50 sun/shade, this time; heavy - ish clay 70% shade: it's happy. I remember from my childhood we always seemed to grow rhubarb in the rather poor shady soil next to the garden shed and it always did brilliantly. I would like you to tell us over the seasons about your experience of growing it in a container.


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