Are these damsons or sloes please?

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Hello peeps - does anyone know if these are damsons or sloes? I picked them in a field and fancied having a go at making flavoured gin. They have a pale green flesh and a dark blue skin and taste like a sour plum. Thanks




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    They look like wild damsons to me - what we used to call Blackjacks when we were children in rural Suffolk - they'll be great - they're what all the locals used instead of sloes image

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    I agree they look more like wild damsons than sloes. I have just picked my sloes and they are a little smaller and are "very" bitter to the taste. Did you notice what the twigs were like as the sloe is from the blackthorn and this has lots of very sharp thorns which can cause a bit of damage. We forage  for sloes most years and I never come back uninjured! In fact this year I was really badly scratched and that even with the other half holding back the branches for me.

    Anyways I don't see why they will not make sloe gin or whatever you are thinking of as damsons can be used for similar and wine etc.

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    Thanks for the replies. There were no spikes on the tree so I came away injury free! Sloes must be tasty if you go back year after year frenscan!  

    Yum yum - wild damson gin sounds delicious.  Ive been advised to leave it until Christmas, just giving it a stir every now and then. 

    cant wait to try it!

    thanks again

  • If you have ever bitten into a sloe you will never forget it, they are very astringent and leave you mouth puckered for many minutes. Make good gin though, as do damsons.

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