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Lamium and Ajuga propagation

I grew  Lamium and  Ajuga in pots last year and I would like to propagate them. All the books seem to say that if they grow in the ground they produce their own offsets and therefore they should be divided. As they are in containers can I take cuttings?


  • I should imagine the Ajuga spreading it's roots for off shoots in the pots as it does in the ground, which it has in my garden. Therefore, perhaps try rummaging around gently in the soil to identify off shoots in the pot, which could be separated to make new plants.? Happy hunting!
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  • kate1123kate1123 Posts: 2,815

    Hollie-Hock that is exactly what has happened, how long did they take to root?

    mariebainbridge thanks for the advice image

  • LilylouiseLilylouise Posts: 1,013

    I have taken cuttings of Lamiums Kate image

    Pam x

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  • kate1123kate1123 Posts: 2,815

    Pam and Hollie- Hock, thanks for the advice, I have taken some cuttings this morning so I hope that I have some successimage 

    The main plant will go in the garden in September so I will have to remember to push the offsets into the soil.

  • Is it the lamium with the yellow flowers?

    or the silver leaved one with purple flowers? 

    Both rampage through my garden without any problem - I have to pull up armfulls of it to keep it under control!  Similarly the ajuga which self seeds everywhere.  I love them all, but they spread by shallow creeping roots.  I suggest you plant them out in the open ground and you'll never look back!

    They also seem to do well in dry shade under my pear tree, as well as in more sunny areas.

  • Pennine PetalPennine Petal Posts: 1,540

    I just pulll bits of ajuga off with a little bit of root and the grow on very easily.

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