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Rust on Roses

I have a white rose bush which has rust on the back of lots of the leafs . The front of the leafs are speckled. could you please advise how to remedy .thanks


  • yarrow2yarrow2 Posts: 782

    lottyh40 - hi!  There's a fabulous section in the August issue of Gardeners World mag which gives photographs and remedies to all kinds of pest problems.  Get a copy if you can.  Unfortunately on the rust issue the GW mag and other sources I've read all advise to get rid of the leaves and use a fungicide.  I don't use fungicide so I'm left with cutting off the leaves and burning them.  My garden is hemmed in on all sides and tends to get more than its fair share of dampness and hanging humidity - so I get a lot of rust and powdery mildew.

    Having had a look-see at the GW section on 'pests' - it's really good in that the photographs of all the nasty results of pests and conditions are a good source of reference.  Unfortunately, it's also highlighted  that I seem to have just about every nasty pest  or negative infection around that you can get!

    Wish this article had been in an earlier edition then I'd have spotted things earlier in the growing season. 

    As every though - I guess the answer to avoiding rust and the other nasties is to buy as many resistant plants as you can, grow them in the best conditions to maintain strong healthy growth.  My problem here is not enough air blasting around the whole garden so I have to try and plant things so that there's as much space and air circulating around them as possible and keep clearing up any mess on the ground and hoe a lot so that as little as possible breeds in the surrounding soil. 

    Maybe some of the good people on this forum have some good advice or tricks to apply to the rust issue.

  • lottyh40lottyh40 Posts: 26
    Thanks Yarrow2 I buy a GW mag tomorrow. If I take all the leaves off, I will be left with a sparse rose bush. Do you think I will get new growth this summer
  • lottyh40lottyh40 Posts: 26
    Yarrow2 thanks for the info .My first job for tomorrow buy the GW August issue. If I cut off all the rusty leafs I will be left with sparse rose bush.Should I get new growth this year . Thanks again
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