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how to eradicate strawberry flys

Hi can anybody advise me on strawberry fly my plants are in a hanging basket but they are not thriving to well and to be honest they seem to have had some kind of fly around them since i purchased them,i have seen somewhere that one can spray the roots with diluted soap as the lavee must be somewhere.Can anyone offer any insight with experience with this issue and either confirm or dispel this suggestion i have the plants indoors in a south facing window bay and some have not made it i really want to save whats left. thanksimage


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    You are growing this an indoor plant in a window but you don't make it clear what the problem is -is there any damage and what makes you think the fly is the culprit-?I have never heard of a strawberry fly to be honest.

    My feeling is it may be the conditions and a pest is a secondary issue

    Perhaps a bit more info?

    Why are you growing this indoors and not outside?


    Hi Sotonggeoff

    The reason i am growing my stawberrys inside is because i live in a block of flats i dont have a balcony or even a window sill outside.Also its considered a rough part of town and the kids are so bored they get a bit destructive.Although a year ago i grew loads of stuff around the comunal area and got the kids to help me water them ect.Anyway i was hopeing to put stuff out this year and ordered my strawberrys no other plant and i have loads including tomatoes ,chillis are constantly surrounded by this horrible little flies.Im not aware of any other reason and they are strugling to survive i love growing things and im usualy verry good at it,The children are older and less interested wonders of plants they pulled up my attempt to make the surroundings nicer in spring and now the flies are out to get the fruits of my labour.




  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    That makes sense but some plants will not do well indoors and once you have got an insect infestation they will bred happily in those confined conditions

    Are we talking white fly/blackfly here-sorry to be vague but if it is an aphid attack there are plenty of preventions out there.

    "Horrible little flies"-perhaps more specific?

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