This must be the worst year ever for potaoes,although first earlies did reasonably O.K., Kestrel and King Edward have been a real poor show.

Last year both gave me 2x  25kg bags of spuds, this year about half a bag each.

The K.E especially poor, a lot of very small tubers still attached to the roots which appear to have never got going at all, and of course this year I can't blame a lack of water.

Peas have been just as bad, Beans have never got going,so only really got Onions, and a few of these have bolted, and Garlic left to look forward to,



  • I've found the same with those grown in bags, but the ones I grew in the ground - same variety -  I've had a bumper crop

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    I'm in Lancashire and usually only grow spuds in bags although this year grew a main crop in the veg bed.

    The bags have been just as good as previous years although it was difficult to guage when to water because of all the rain, which didn't aways reach the compost. The main crop has not done as expected. I was expecting it to grow for longer but cut back dying foilage last weekend so I'm now leaving it for a couple of weeks to let the skins harden before digging it up, fully expect the spuds to be half eaten by slugs..


  • I've been pruning and weeding tonight and virtually every plant,stone, leaf I lifted had slugs and snails under it. I was hoping to leave some potatoes in the ground but I'm thinking I should dig them all up

  • still haven't eaten a single bean or tomato this year image Mostof my onions bolted

    Its all been a bit rubbish this year

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    I usually grow toms in a GH but planted out spares in the veg bed this year.

    In the GH a bought plant started to produce cherry toms a few weeks ago(can't remember the name) but red cherry and red pear grown from seed are now going red, picked the first today. Most of the other varieties in the GH are ladened with fruit but still looking very green. Bit the bullet at the weekend and composted the one's planted out in the veg bed to make room for other vegs. Lots of unhealthy looking growth with only one or two trusses and lookingt very much like slug fodder. 

    Beans have been slow and most had yellow leaves at the bottom but they are now over 6ft high with tops pinched out, 5 or 6 different varieties. Picked the first runners at the weekend. I've been taking off the snail damaged leaves, they deserve a gold medal, how they manage to climb up a pole and down during a night, I really don't knowimage       

  • I started digging one King Edward to see what was going on underneath,and found some slug damage, so then decided to carry on and remove the lot.

    I think anyone who was just starting out growing veg this year could be put off for life from bothering.

  • We planted Maris Bard and 10 tubers of Vales Emerald as a triall. The Maris have been fantastic, slight slug damage but nothing much, good flavour.. The Vales Emerald have been awful. Not so much the yield, but the taste. They have no flavour and break up when cooked. When MD did his potato trial a few weeks ago he blamed the weather has he had similar results from some of his spuds. We garden on sandy loam, the ground drains fairly quickly so we don't get as many slugs.

    Runner beans are coming on, onions good, great lettuce, but beetroot, carrots disappointing.

    We have been gardening for 47 years on this plot and have had some bad years, but none like this.

  • Renfrewshire - I grew Desiree and Arran Pilot this year in the ground, and ended up having to lift them early because of blight (which I had never had).The result was a poor crop of small tubers. The quantity will not see me through the winter, that's for sure. Has anyone else had potato blight?



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    florafanatic,we have blight on almost every plot this year.  I planted Carra potatoes and so far are the only ones that have not been blighted,Desiree,King Edward ,Golden Wonder all have it.Our allotment is in Carrickfergus N Ireland.What a terrible yearimage 

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    We are growing Charlotte,Marfona,Vivaldi and Picasso this year - Picasso aren't any where near the size they were last year but we still have a reasonable crop image

    Pam x

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