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Herbs dying

Has anyone else been having trouble with herbs this year?  I grow mine in containers - mint, oregano, feverfew etc - and almost all of them have had diseased leaves, poor growth and when the sun finally did arrive last week, scorched leaves.  Even the hardy lemon balm that usually survives anything is very spindly and has only a few pathetic leaves.  I live in the south of England so the weather has been all over the place with hot weather in March/April, wet and cool from mid May to mid July and then a mini heatwave.

Any advice?


  • Hi Jalcinto,

    Mine are all over the shop! I've got a slightly older lavender which is flowering but none are bushing up or getting taller, I can't comment about the Bazil..... flippin slugs!

    The tarragon, grown from seed this yr are REALLY leggy

    The rosemary pretty much the same as the lavs.

    The lovage is doing ok! As is my standard bay, but the bay is in a pot!

    Mint all stalk no leaves. feverfew is struggling but just about holding it's own , the lemon balm seems ok, my borage seems to be making a comeback since we've had a couple of hrs of sun..... but my sage is really poorly, I think I'm going to have to move it! image

    I'm no expert but if they are in pots maybe try and raise them a bit for better drainage and maybe a good feed?

    I'm sure someone with a lot more knowledge than me will help you out soon! If it makes you feel better I'm in the north so it's not just you southerners suffering to i think we've all had it a bit rough with the weather!

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,267

    I planted up a herb patch at the end of last year-lemon balm, parsley and thyme have done well but the sage was over shadowed by rubarb so looks very sorry for itself. Mint and rosemary have done well in pots.

    Chives and garlic chives have done well in a flower bed, the chives flowered twice. Corriander and basil which were grown from seed never took off, two plants survived to be planted out, the corriander has bolted with a poor show of flowers and the basil is only about an inch tall,  I put that down to not enough sun as both grew for fun last year...and finally two lavenders palnted out about 6 weeks ago have stubornly refused to grow.  

    When I've grown herbs in pots I usually just repot them in fresh compost - April May time with a slow release fertilizer but am mindful as to which herbs are planted together. Mint and lemon balm seem to be prone to leaf scorch and are best grown in a semi shade position. Parsley's lower leaves tend to go yellow very quickly if they get too much water but recover quickly if these are taken off and the compost allowed to dry alittle. Rosemary will lose it's lower leaves if the compost is to dry and having lots of rain doesn't mean it reaches the compost so pots do sometimes need extra water. Healthy plants which have been fed and watered will ward of diseases but there's no accounting for the weather which has been blamed for alot this year.

  • I've lost a couple of rosemary plants, can't work out why exactly. Must have just been over stressed and not coped.

  • Here in the Savoie we had a very hard winter and I thought I'd lost my big pot of mint (3 varieties) but just as I had given up and was about to empty it out and start again, they started emerging from the compost.  Mint grows wild in the ditches here, so I think it takes quite a lot to kill it!

    I think that once we had got going over here we've had a much better year growing-wise than you've had in the UK.  Having said that, we had a very wet and humid May, which favoured the weeds and mildew, and now I'm having to water the pots daily and keep the pots of more tender herbs in the shade to avoid scorch.


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