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Bamboo Problem


My next door neighbour has a bamboo tree in his garden, which has now started to grow up through my garden.  Is there any way I can stop this happening or how do I kill off the bamboo altogether? 

Any advice would be greatfully received.

Regards  Janet


  • Gary HobsonGary Hobson Posts: 1,892

    It partly depends on what kind of bamboo it is.

    Many bamboos are well behaved and don't tend to spread. Some spread very slowly.

    There are some, of which Sasa Palmatum is the best example, that are very agressive and invasive. Sasa Palmatum has some of the largest leaves, which look like paddles, so some people are tempted to grow it. It can only be grown safely with great care. To grow in a garden adjacent to another garden is extremely anti-social. It's possible they didn't realise how dangerous the plant is.

    We don't know what type of bamboo you have.

    If it is Sasa, you could try digging it up, but it will only come back, from the other side.

    The only real solution is to kill the part of the plant on your land, possibly using glyphosate. That might result in damage, possibly fatal, to the plant on your neighbour's side of the garden. I don't know what the legal position is, for trying to kill a plant, which actually belongs to your neighbour.

    If it is one of the more acceptable varieties of bamboo, then you might be able to control it simply by cutting it down.

    You really need to speak to your neighbour, and agree on some plan between you.

    That's just my view.

  • j_shanj_shan Posts: 3

    Thanks for the advice Gary.  I will speak to our neighbours who are very nice and very old.  so it may work in both our favours to get it sorted.


  • jeffdjeffd Posts: 61

    Established bamboo is very hard to get rid of, your other option is to put in a bamboo barrier, by digging a trench at least 2ft deep along the fence line on your side and lining it with plastic, digging out any roots of the bamboo as you go. you need very strong plastic , something like pond liner. Google bamboo barrier for ideas.

  • j_shanj_shan Posts: 3

    Thank Jeff much appreciated

  • jeffdjeffd Posts: 61

    On the radio this morning someone asked the same question as you, they were also told the best option was a barrier. But they suggested using paving slabs as the barrier, just thought I to pass this on in case you have not done yours yet.

  • BenDoverBenDover Posts: 488
    You should not attempt to kill it using weedkiller - it can take it up to the main parent plant on your neighbours land and kill it. If discovered, you can be charged with criminal damage and also face civil action for the cost of replacing it, if the owner wishes to pursue.
  • My daughter and partner have a similar problem, but the bamboo is in their garden. They recently moved and want to put a patio where the bamboo is now growing. It is about 12 ft tall, We have advised them to dig up what they can and then use a strong weed killer, and just hope it dosn't return. It provides a great barrier at the bottom of their garden from other houses but people don't give enough thought to the consequences of planting invasive plants in the long term, tastes and needs change.

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