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Sweet Peas



Would anyone have an idea as to why my sweet peas are looking so poor? Their leaves are rapidly losing their colour and dropping off. Only the top growth looks green. As you will see, I have grown them under a weed suppressing fabric but I wouldn't have thought this was the problem. We have another batch of sweet peas in a different bed and they are looking fine.


  • Jean GenieJean Genie Posts: 1,724

    That suggests to me that they are suffering from drought - are you sure the water is getting through the fabric .

  • nickharrnickharr Posts: 12

    Hi Jean - thanks for your reply. I must admit that with all the rain that we have had this summer, I did not really think this might be a problem. I'll dig one up at the end of a row and see how damp the soil is.

  • One lot of my sweet peas look exactly the same - not good! The others that I have look better but I have watered them much more despite the amount of rain that we've had in south Devon. But I'm not getting anything like the nos of flowers that I usually get.????
  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    How interesting to see this, my sweet peas - one patch but not the other - look exactly the same, and are most certainly not dry.  They collapsed in two days, I had been picking regularly, the compost was normally moist, then two days ago I found them like the picture seen above.  The dead aea is spreading up the stems, the flowers have withered - basically they are dead - but from the root up - odd huh?

  • nickharrnickharr Posts: 12

    Interesting that one or two of have the same problem - let's hope someone out there knows the reason why and maybe we can avoid it next year!!

  • some of mine are a bit like that.

    i have tried watering and fertilising more, this seems to have slowed it down. i've also trimmed off as much as poss.

    thought it was just me as all mine are in pots

  • Planning ahead to keep me out the doldrums. 

    I once saw a programme planting sweet peas using canes but taking the new growth along the soil to the next cane or even the following cane. I think that this was done to have more flowers down nearer the ground. 

    this was a few years ago. has anyone ever done this? Pros or cons ?

    i know that obviously need a good run to achieve a good display but I have a long fence that i really fancy covered in flowers.



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