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  • This is my first year for propagating wildflower seed using both pots/trays. Unfortunately, on most occasions there has either been no life or minimal life that has subsequently dies after only a very very short period of time.
    Each time, the pots/trays have been placed in the conseervatory and I can only assume that it is simply too hot in here!
    Does anyone have any suggestions please?
  • nick2nick2 Posts: 1
    when to sow summer anuals
  • can i use normal all purpose compost to sow seeds?
  • I have grown from seed in a propagator some Pennisetum glaucum. Most seeds have germinated but I wasn't paying attention and seedlings are now over 4 inches. Every time I try to take them out and leave in the conservatory they wilt and fall over. I have put them back in propagator on window ledge, very hot there now. What should I do now??
    Regards Cliff Robinson
  • I live in Sunderland and new to sowing seeds, when I have planted seeds, do I keep them indoors or can I put them in plastic greenhouse x
  • kate1123kate1123 Posts: 2,815

    This will depend to some extent on the seeds, some hardy annuals will be happy to go out to the green house now, if you have small tender seedlings they may need a few more weeks of protection. What you do not want to  do is give them a shock as this will set them back.

    Can you say which seeds you have sown?

  • hi ive done sweet pea sunflowers babys breath foxglove thats a few x

  • kate1123kate1123 Posts: 2,815

    They are hardy and can go out as soon as they are big enough. Try to think of the pests out side and how your seedling will cope .

  • well they in plastic greenhouse now so is that ok but i know we due frost at weekend,thanks for advice im even dreaming about bloody garden, ive got lots of aquilegia but didnt plant till spring so they be for next yr x

  • kate1123kate1123 Posts: 2,815

    My sweet peas are outside, but I did it in stages which is the key. They should be ok in the plastic greenhouse. Dreaming about gardening is lovely.

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