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Bugs in bin

I have a small plastic compost outside the back door, when full, it goes into the main bin at top of garden. As it gets fuller, I have noticed bugs? on the sides, they look a bit like small maggots. Anyone got any idea what they might be please?


  • No expert-but are they just simply maggots-does it matter that much?

  • Definetely not, about half the size. Apart from the fact maggots make my skin crawl, not really bothered, just wonder what they are.

    I'm a lazy gardener too !
  • Could be baby worms, or larvae of the small flies you often get in compost heaps.

  • Did wonder if that's what they are, thanks.

    Thought of something in the night that I wanted to query , can't think what it was now. Old age strikes again !
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