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Garden Vac

I am looking at getting a garden vac. I want something not too heavy, reasonably priced (70 pounds) and suitable large garden. Any ideas please? I was looking at a Flymo scirocco but never having had one before need some guidance ????


  • Hi Tracey.  I've got a Flymo scirocco.  To be honest though, I don't use it very much.  I find that by the time I've sorted out extensions for the lead, in order to reach most areas in our garden, I could have had a rake out, gathered and disposed of the leaves.  The gathering bag is fine but the seal on mine seems to have slipped so I get a spray of dust while I'm using it.  The hoover itself works fine, when it's not clogged up.  Actually, the best use I found for it was hoovering up my begonia bed, when the massive flowers dropped off - and the bed is close to the mains so it was easy.  I may give it another go this year, but it's not something I particularly find helpful or enjoy using. 

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