Can anybody tell us what these flowers are

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    Look like common-or-garden dasies.

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    No I don't think so, the leaves look wrong  and the colour is too varied - but I'm struggling to think what they are image

    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
  • Common-or-garden daisies have different foliage. See here:

    My best guess is Erigeron karvinskianus.  See it here:

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    Sorry to disagree about bellis perennis Phytographer, they always have rounded leaves - the photograph of the open daisy has leaves just like the ones in the second picture, but you can't see them because it's surrounded by blades of grass image

    But you're right about what Johnboy's plant is image

    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
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    Definitely Erigeron karvinskianus, a very good self-seeder too.

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    Hi there !!

    Not sure, but wonder if they are a type of erigeron - fleabane - annual or perennial. We have a perennial erigeron with flowers that look like the darker pink ones in the photo.

    I'm sure I've seen a photo of similar flowers on a seed packet but cannot recall the name and didn't buy the seeds !!!!!

    Hope this helps image

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    Having just submitted my post the 3 immediately before mine appeared on the screen !!!!!!!!

    Phytographer and Gracie5 have solved the mystery - think I'll buy a packet of the seeds when I next come across them !!! image

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    Erigon is such a good plant for adding pleasure to steps, cracks in pacing or on steps, it is as tough as old boots and never gets so invasive you can't keep up with it.  Ours around the from step and paving edges started life in a pot, within which it no longer lives, but has gone into all srts of nice places at the front of the house. You probably don't need to buy seeds for it, someone near you may well have it and will be happy to give you a seed filled head later in the season? Ask, most gardeners are happy to meet each other and share their goodies.  

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    Thank you all once again for the advice.  Have ordered the seeds from T & M.  Lets see what next year brings.

  • Yes erigeron is lovely. I saw It  all over the place when we visited Fowey in cornwall, on pavements, walls etc., and as I'm a daisy freak I had to have some. So I bought a potfull, flowering beautifully from a nursery down there. Sadly I lost it in the following bad winter and was gutted. Then five years later I found a plant coming up in my driveway, and was delighted to find it was erigeron K. I've now let it self seed along paths and stoney bits of garden and I'm a happy bunny! Thank you to the birdie that brought me the seed.

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    I'm an Erigeron fan as well. In my neck of the woods, they're called 'Dartmoor Daisies' even though I'm pretty sure they're from Mexico originally. I tend to cut mine back in the spring to keep them a bit more compact. Sometimes they look as though they've been killed by freezing winter temperatures, but most often they revive. There are couple of walls in my town which are covered with them. I wish they'd seed themselves in the cobbles in the front of my house- maybe I'll have a hunt for some seed heads and see if I can give them a helping hand.
  • Yes, they do originate from Mexico.   I always think of them as the Mexican Daisy, as I never remember latin names.

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    figrat, if you want to encourage these lovely daisies among your cobbles,help them with a tiny dusting of compost, maybe from an old hanging basket or so, then they will start and you will not have to do anything for them again.  Pick a ripe seed head or two from where you may do so, and sprinkle them about where the cobbles are, and you should not have to look for them ever again - hopefully!  We all know what plants are like though, the more you want them ............ took me several years to get lily of the valley going, and everyone knows that can be a pest. 

  • Looks like Erigeron. I love it. Which is rather handy as i do seem to have a lot of it. I put bits in tubs and baskets and it seems to tolerate everything the weather can throw at it.

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    They have Erigeron at Bodnant Gardens in N Wales, growing along stone steps, very pretty. Also saw some this weekend at Dyffrin Gardens, a small bed with low brick wall around it alongside some steps, it was full of it and looked really good.
  • I like plants which can soften hard lines, like steps , path edges etc. and erigeron is ideal for that.


    I'd love to have some of these - should I buy seed and plant it now or wait and buy it next spring?

  • I got mine from a lady that had it in her garden, even cheaper. Maybe you can have a walk round and see if anyone has it in their garden

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