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Using nettle & comfrey juice

Forgive me if there's already a thread on this but I can't find anything.

Last year I made litres of nettle juice with just a bit of comfrey in and then I realised it was nitrogen-rich so worried that it wasn't what I needed for flowers and fruit.  This year I've just got comfrey on the go as I think I heard it has more potassium in it so would be better for flowers & fruit.

What's the best use of them both and at what stage in a plants life?

Built up a new compst bin at the weekend and watered it in with the nettle juice so I reckon that should be pretty good image


  • the comfry soup use just as you would any other feed. Normally as things are begining to flower/set fruit.

    don't know much about nettle soup.

    I have tried it and the comfry stuff works wonders with courgettes and beans - but only if you can deal with the horrendous smell image 

  • HyppyBykerHyppyByker Posts: 146

    It is pretty foul isn't it?

    That helps I think so I'll get feeding with the comfrey and leave the nettle to the compost - thanx image


  • Alan4711Alan4711 LincolnshirePosts: 1,657

    Hi ,your right this nettle stuff really smells,  evan after only a couple of days and attracts flies by the dozen, i started some mixes in big water buts and small buckets and im told by the other more experienced allotmenteers its perfect for fruit,  veg and flours but not too strong it has to be watered down at least 5 to 1 or more im also informed that seaweed is simply the best tomatoes food ever ,either as a feed as in nettles and comfrey or best dug in,difficult if your not coastal though  good luck all

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