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hello we've been offered a half size allotment plot, now i'm really worried if i can manage it, how much time would we need to spend each week up there to keep it reasonable? i haven't seen it yet, don't know what state it's in , it's  a busy site, i'm just concerned i can't even manage my own garden at thee moment but i want to get the children really involve d and hopefully as they get bigger we can do a bit more, am i an idiot and should i wait til they're bigger?


  • When I took on my rather large and neglected allotment on in late spring this year, the initial time investment  was less than I had imagined. It took 3 days to dig and weed, it's 50' x 25', so really you need to see what state it's in first. You'll find that you actually make time to do what you need to do, and the kids will be eager to help and end up wanting to go there more than you, especially if there are lots of tasty treats on offer when they go there.

    My kids are teenagers/ young men, but even they will go down and pick veg or right now pick blackberries and raspberries. If you make it fun for the kids you'll have fun yourself and there's no better way of getting them interested if it's fun.

    Go for it, you won't regret it.

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    thanks for that positive answer Dave, i'm going uo to look, only thing is my littlies are 3 and 10 months so rather less help than me having to ensure safety! allotment officer was really helpful,said i can stay near top of list if i decide to wait a year

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    thanks for replying,i'll have a look and a chat with hubby ( who is allergic to gardening) i love Dave's enthusiasm but think Philippa is right... when Captain Cuteness can walk and talk a little he can join in and help,  at the moment everything I do I have to keep stopping every 10 minutes to pick him up/feed/nappy change... no wonder our house and garden do not resemble the ideal home spread that is the vision in my head!

  • I got my half plot at the beginning of June. I've had one weekend off. It's taken two of us most weekends, a lot of evenings and days off work, and that's without children! 

    If you can wait, I think maybe you should. It can be all consuming. 

    Saying that, i can honestly say that while it's been very hard work, it has been so satisfying to see the progress we are making and stuff we are bringing home. 

    It's a tough choice but I am sure you will make the right one for you 

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