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Talkback: Reasons to be cheerful (Part one)

We've not had to top up our ponds, planting can still continue, fucshias are flourishing, weeds come up easily when pulled, ferns are growing well and all those newly planted spring plants do not need watering in. Just a few more to add to your list.
Enjoy your 'summer'.


  • James, my hubby and I are grateful to the wet weather. You see, over the past 2 years we've planted 2500 native British trees to create a woodland that will draw wildlife as well as beautify our environment. The rain we've had has made all of our saplings take off running, so to speak! Even those planted as late as February of this year.

    Our gain is another's loss and to those who have been affected by the flooding, loss of property and in some cases, loss of life; I send my deepest sympathies. We shall help where ever we can, as I'm sure others across the nation will do their best to help.

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