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Creeping thyme (Thymus serpyllum)

chelliechellie Posts: 37

hi was just wondering if anyone has this ground covering plant in their garden? and whether it is just the purple colouring you can get or if there are any other colours avaliable? me and my partner are going to be doing a stepping stone effect down at the bottom of our garden and was thinking this would be a lovely neutral plant to put in between the gaps any suggestions/ feed back welcome xx



  • weejennyweejenny Posts: 386

    I have a lovely golden thyme and the ordinary green thyme which I use in cooking. I cut some herbs the other day i used thyme,oregano,sage and rosemary put them in a mug chopped them up with scissors added some butter and combined it all and put it under the skin of the breast of the chicken we had for dinner. We had that with roasted veg it was yummy. Hope your not a vegetarianimage

  • My husband is a very keen cook, so I like (or rather NEED) to grow lots of thyme for him to use in his cooking.  I kid you not, he uses a large sprig of fresh thyme if not every night, then every other night.  As 'head gardener', that is quite some pressure!

    It is very easy to grow from seed. Thymus vulgaris is what you would normally look for.)  I've got some coming up right now in a half tray.  The best thymes for cooking tend to be those that produce little or no flower.  If you're not fussed about using it in cooking you can get varieties with purple, pink or white flowers.  If it's purely for decoration it would pay you to seek out a specialist grower. If it's for a path you need the 'creeping thyme' varieties that grow low.  Have you looked at the specialist seed growers such as Nicky's seeds ?

    I don't know where you live, but if you're anywhere near Laurel Farm Herbs they are very good with herbs for culinary use.  We bought a rosemary from them once which had fantastic flavour and had the most amazing blue flowers, but we left it behind when we moved house, more's the pity.

  • chelliechellie Posts: 37

    i would love to use it for cooking as well as decoration im in fife so prob a fair distance away lol xx

  • Fair do's.  They're nice people, so they might be able to suggest someone closer to home you could buy from, if you give them a ring.

  • chelliechellie Posts: 37

    yeah i could do theres no harm in asking i guess, you wont know til you ask as they say lol! is there anything similar to this plant that we could mix with it?

  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 3,953

    Most Garden Centres sell a reasonable selection of different Thymes. But, do be aware that there are some which make quite substantial busshes rather than creeping along the floor. For example Lemon scentted Thyme makes a 12 inches tall bush. For in between paving slabs you want forms of T. serpyllum, of which there are a lot of varieties in reds, pinks and white and with different leaf colours.

  • NolaNola Posts: 209
    I did the same in my garden a few years ago now. I went to my local garden centre and bought a few pots of thyme making sure they said they were a "carpeting" variety. As Berghill says, some of them can grow more bush like. I split each pot into a few small plants and now they have spread together filling the spaces between the stones. Mine are a mix of colours, purple, pink and pale pink almost white. I will have a go at uploading some photos if I can.
  • chelliechellie Posts: 37

    tht would be great xx

  • NolaNola Posts: 209


        Here goes, not sure if the size of the pics will be right as it is the first time uploading on here!


     Some of the thyme are more tightly knit as they grow than others but all creeping varieties. They are just coming into flower now.

    Hope it gives you the idea chellie!



  • chelliechellie Posts: 37

    that looks lovely image really cant wait to get ours strted :P

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