Buddleia buzz doing the bizness

VerdunVerdun Posts: 23,348

Well pleased with my buddleia buzz Ivory.  5' tall with lots of repeat flowers that are more full and shapely than normal Davidii .  

Who is growing the other colours?  Verdicts?  Pictures? 

For me Buzz is more branching,,compact and altogether. A more garden friendly plant.  It attracts bees and butterflies in abumdance.  I expect next year it will be slightly bigger but not too much and I,will cut it back as I would a fuschia 



  • I have Ivory, Sky Blue and Magenta, I got them as tiny plugs this summer, but was amazed how quick they grew and they all flowered. Attracted lots of bees and were very fragrant. No pictures I'm afraid, they are only about 8 inches tall though, and they just stopped flowering. image

    Looking forward to next year. image

  • The magenta was was lovely and vibrant, and the sky blue was quite a cool shade, but that didn't flower as much. I prefer the magenta if I had to choose between the two. image

  • Ooh just looked these up. Look lovely. When i think of buddlejas I have memories of huge sprawling things taking over my parents garden but these look fab. More to add to the wish list for next year! Thank you! 

  • SwissSueSwissSue Posts: 1,447

    These are my buddleia Buzz that I planted this spring. I planted 4 different colours relatively close to eachother to make a big bush. The strongest ones seem to be the magenta and the white one. Am hoping the blue and lilac will be stronger next year.



  • No problem Verdun, it looked just like the picture SwissSue has put up. image

  • Various descriptions of these say they like free draining soil. I've got an area that gets plenty of sun as its south facing but is under the canopy of some very big sycamores so the soil is always very dry so im struggling to get anyhting to establish here. Would these buddleia be OK here or would they need a more open site? 

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