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Any suggestions please.

Could someone suggest a plant/s  to screen off my 'darlek' compost bins please. Would like something attractive in Spring/Summer to look at. 

Its at the very bottom of the garden, backing onto quite open to the wind and weather. That part is facing North...east....I think...sorry. Don't really want a trellis as I think it would be too windy in very bad weather. Had thought of grasses but not sure the position is ok. Many thanks



  • Thanks Edd will have a look on the website. Good idea that they can be moved around.

    Would the area be too open for ornamental grasses though.

  • A lot of grasses do well in an open site - think pampas grass - the clue's in the name!  There are plenty to choose from too.  (Grasses in general, not pampas grass...)

    Since 2019 I've lived in east Clare, in the west of Ireland.
  • Thank  you Liri, wanted something that grew quite tall and wide to hide the ugly bins!  wasn't sure if they needed more protection from cold winds. Many thanks 

  • I've gone teasels in front on my dalek, It isn't a total mask, but it breaks up the shape and the bee loved them. image I think grasses would look great though,.

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