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Plum conundrum!

Hi, I have a plum tree in a shady corner of my garden, ( well established in rented property I moved into 6 years ago), I think it is a Victoria. Each year it has yielded only 40 - 60 plums approx. including those high up I cannot reach, however this year it is laden with approx  350 - 400! I am not at all complaining - enough plum jam and pies for months, but am very curious as to why it has suddenly become so prolific?! I would be really grateful for any suggestions, especially if there is any chance I can do something to encourage it to reproduce this feast next year,


                                         Judith x


  • Hi Judith!  Presumably you haven't pruned, fed, or watered your tree?  Or changed anything round it - like adding or removing a lawn or paving?  If not, then I think you can probably put the prolific fruiting down to "environmental conditions" - ie the weather, and things that go with it like bees & pollinating insects which need warm, relatively still conditions to pollinate the blossom.  (Incidentally, was there a lot more blossom this year too?)  Sometimes we get a late frost here which blackens the blossom and bang goes the crop for the year...  So perhaps the only thing you can do to ensure heavy crops again is cross your fingers for a nice warm spring!  image

    If you're planning on staying a long time in the rented house, it might be worth investing in a long handled fruit picker.  It's a bit like a child's fishing net (but sturdier and longer handled) with a cloth bag which has metal "fingers" round the edge.  You'd be able to harvest the fruit nearer the top of the tree then!  image


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  • I agree - the conditions this year have been just perfect for some plum trees.  My mother in law's plum, which has fruited moderately in previous years, is just covered with wonderful purple plums and we're struggling to keep up with them.  

    It's just one of those years image

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