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Dahlias grown from seed, tubers?

This is probably the stupidest question you'll ever see on here, and I've tried googling to no avail.

I love my dahlias, and they won't be ready to form seed pods to collect before we move house, but as I grew them from seed will there be tubers for me to store, or replant in a sheltered warm spot in the new garden?

It's two weeks before we move, and the dahlias have been thriving so well in the small border, I'd be sad to leave them behind.

Thanks for your help as ever!


  • TootlesTootles Posts: 1,469

    Not a daft question at all sweet pea. yep there will be tubers. I grew mine from seed and was astounded at the size of the tubers they produced in just one year. Best to dig up very carefully as easy to stab into them. I decided not to dig mine up as it was so easy to grow them from seed. Good luck with the house move by the way.

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114
    They are usually dug up and stored after the first frost, but that may be a bit to late for you. I would dig them up and put them in boxes of soil until they die down and you can store the tubers somewhere frost-free.

    If you raised them from seed, and you decide not to take them with you (there are so many things to do when you move) you can always grow another lot from seed next year.
  • I did buy a packet of dahlias when they were on sale in the GC, but these are the first flowers I've grown successfully from seed, so I guess I'm rather attached to them, I might have a go at storing a couple, just for experience I guess, When I store them do I store them in soil and leave in the shed and that's it? Do they need additional care? image

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