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Talkback: Carrot crisis

I have had this problem with my recent sowings, but I have been sowing in large pots also. What I have done to over come it is to cover them in fleece as soon as I have sown them, it keeps out the majority of the water, needless to say the slugs and snails. Its improved germination no end!


  • It's also possible to grow carrots (particularly the shorter & stubbier varieties) in pointed wicker hanging baskets. This gives them depth to grow, more than adequate drainage, and also helps keep them away from those nasty pests. My mother has found this very successful over the last two years, and she lives in what has been a very wet part of the UK.
  • I started my carrots off in peat pots in the greenhouse before transorting to the veg patch this year and now they're almost ready to pull up and eat.
  • Just harvested our first lot this year - enough for the two of us for tea. Yes had same problem, nothing much germinating and those that did put on leaf growth but no sign of a carrot. May have enough for another meal later but a really poor show. However have also got late sown ones in pots (see Lornas comments) - we will see.
  • Here in the midlands I too have had a terrible lack of germination in carrots. Having tried 3 different varieties (Chantenay, Nantes and the multi coloured types) I've had very little luck and even the few that do germinate are then getting attacked by slugs. So you have my sympathy Jane. I'm going to try some late season one's in pots on the patio, hopefully they might be more successful.
  • Yes do try sowing your carrots, beetroot and radishes in pot. I have been doing this for about 6 months now as I am new to this whole gardening thing and I was reading my mum's Gardeners' World books to get me started and it really works if you put almost tarpaulin like stuff on top of the pots overnight.
  • It might be a cultural thing. In Australia we are so used to the problem of keeping carrot seeds damp that we are particularly attentive to watering multiple times a day. We only ever have a problem at our place if there is a slip and they are allowed to dry out for even a few hours!
  • We have been growing veg in raised borders for a couple of years with some success. Can any one let me know what sort of veg I can sow now for harvest later in the year or that can be harvested in the spring?

    Also having recently dug over a lawned area for growing veg what can I add to the soil to improve it? I tried well rotted horse manure from a garden centre ,and it seemed to hinder plants not help them...can any one help...thanks

  • We've had no problems getting carrot and beetroot to germinate - the difficulty has been getting them to produce anything edible. The carrots are the size of sweeties and the beetroot haven't developed at all. Can't be lack of rain!
  • Grown carrots for the first time this year in raised bed. Even though the rains were heavy the drainage was good not leaving the carrots sitting in water. Plenty of own made compost dug in b4 sowing, absolutely fab germination and loads of carrots. Must say it is new virgin top soil.
  • I have just got back into growing my own veg after years of not bothering with the garden much and I grew my carrots in a plastic dustbin. For one thing the carrot fly couldn't get at them and I had a decent crop of carrots which I am still picking.
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