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Climbing/trailing plant suggestions - to cover wall

MaisieMMaisieM Posts: 100

Hi - any suggestions for plant or plants to cover a SW facing wall in exposed, coastal garden? Wall is approx. 5m long x 2m high. Can be trailing or climbing but trailing would be better as more room to plant these!


  • TantyTanty Posts: 59

    Golden creeping jenny and trailing heucherella look great but I've no idea how they would fare in a coastal garden, sorry!  What about fleabane?

  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    A few weeks ago the Beechgrove planted clematis as trailers rather than climbers. Thought at the time that it was an interesting idea. Might be worth a go.

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  • How about a rambling rose, but planted at the top so it dangles down image

    I suppose you could do the same with honeysuckle image
  • Virginia Creeper is great for covering walls. As it attaches with disks rather than roots, it doesn't damage the masonry. There are lots of different varieties giving different colour variations.

  • I've got a honeysuckle and a clematis together that produce good cover and extensive flowering period and fantastic scent.

    Lonicera tellmanianna (dark orange flowers)  and Clematis rebecca (big red flowers)



  • MaisieMMaisieM Posts: 100

    Thanks for all the suggestions! Should have said very fertile soil - not sandy, reasonably well draining. Lots of rain but yes, can get very windy.

  • The two I suggested are very hardy.   Mine are planted south facing in well drained but fertile soil.  

    However we're situated on the "cross roads" of two valleys so very exposed to wind no matter which direction it's coming from and way up north where we get serious snow fall.

    I'm confident they'd survive coastal winds.   With the winds we have a lot of my trees lean more than the tower at Pizza!

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