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Can anyone tell me why my Begonias have done so badly this year These are the large everlasting species The leaves look like they covered in mildew and the flowers are just limp Is this a disease or overwatering  Help 


  • I have to say mine are doing well,you may be over watering and not feeding and they like a sunny place.

  • Sorry Caz66, mine have done really well too, and still going strong. I suppose it depends on numerous factors how a plant performs. Maybe someone more knowledgeable on here may be able to offer you some other suggestions.

  • It sounds like they have been over watered and the sun is not getting to them

    a weekly feed of tomorite/ or organic seaweed should be sufficient for feed try not soaking the actual plant but just the soil around them. Begonias prefer a bright sunny position and should last all season and if cared for they be replanted next year for an even better display. Mine are all last years and look fantastic, i just cleaned them off allowed them to dry out and stored them away.


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