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oak tree losing leaves July

Hello - is there anyone with knowledge of tree health - in particular Oak? My suburban garden is dominated by a wonderful Oak tree abt 55 yrs old and 50ft high. It has struggled this year for the 1st time in its life - the first leaves soon curled and looked almost dirty rather than fresh. I assumed it was the cold, but maybe it was the first stage of mildew - a second try of leaves which looked normal have now become covered in white/grey mildew. Dried leaves are now (end July) falling as though it is autumn. (The bark looks fine and no sign of insect infestation).

Will the tree die?


  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    No, mildew won't kill a tree of that age. You will probably get a third flush if it loses all of these; if not, you might have to wait until next spring, when it'll hopefully be free of mildew.

  • Thanks Alina W - that's a nice emphatic 'no', and I feel quite relieved.

    I know of no other oaks anywhere near so have thought our tree was safe from 'oaky' diseases being passed to it via air or animals - but perhaps this mildew is less species specific.


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