Transplanting Roses

I need to move some small bushy type roses, they are still flowering. Should I wait until later in the year? I would like to try the move this weekend as I may not have time in Late September or October. Risky but with lots of mud left around the base?


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    If you're not going to have time later on, then prepare the new sites well, dig as big a rootball as possible and go for it.

    When you dig them up use a large sheet of strong plastic or similar to slide the plant's roots onto and carry it like that, then gently ease it into the new hole.  That way the soil won't crumble away from around the roots and the rootball should stay intact.

    Water in and mulch with some well-rotted manure and all should be well.

    Good luck image

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  • I carefully removed 3 similar bush type and left the root's soaking in water before replanting and they seem to have taken.  New shoots appearing so may have got lucky. Only time will tell if they flower  next year.


  • I'd give it a go myself. If you can get a decent root ball with plenty of soil around it and can plant straight away it's likely they won't even notice. Keep them well watered after transplanting, just don't drown them.

  • I do it all the time which is very naughty! The only time i have ever lost one is one i forgot to water- cos im an idiot!

    As long as they are watered every day and have a bit of that microrhysal stuff, they should be fine image
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