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Dead Heading Agapanthus

After a stunning display this summer the flower heads have finished.  Should I remove them, and do I need to keep feeding the plants to ensure a good show next year?


  • Hi Annie.   I always deadhead mine about a week after the petals have fallen, although if you want the seeds to 'grow your own' leave them to mature naturally. I don't feed them once the leaves start to turn. All the 'goodness' the plant needs to regrow next season will be absorbed from the leaves.

  • Thank you for the advice. I was given to understand that it's quite difficult to grow your own from seed?

  • I hear that a lot too but, actually they are quite easy to sow although there's no way of telling if they will be true to the parent plant. Sow them in normal sowing compost as soon as they are ripe and cover with a little grit. Its worth a go.image

  • Hope this doesn't sound too daft, but how do you know when the seeds are ripe enough.

  • Thats not a daft question lily...the pods lose their green colour and dry out, then split..the trick is to catch them before they fall. I usually put the heads in a brown paper bag before they split. That way the seeds, which are likea tiny tadpole shape, fall into the bottom of the bag.image

  • Thank you Stephen, will put them in a bag too. Thanks again image

  • Mine, which are in pots standing on gravel, seed into the gravel and germinate, producing healthy plants. Much easier than collecting the seed myself etc.image

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